This new course focuses on controversies in imaging that impact diagnostic acumen and outcomes for patients in rehabilitation medicine. The focus will be on refining the diagnostic and outcome opportunities for physiatrists in regenerative medicine, musculoskeletal medicine, neurorehabilitation, and cancer. The course will work to decrease the delay between new imaging discoveries and techniques with the incorporation of this knowledge, competence and performance in physicians. Many years are required to develop the skills needed to appreciate the often subtle results of an imaging modality. This is turn can create an opportunity to determine operative versus conservative management and improve patient outcomes and treatment algorithms. The importance of working intimately with radiology colleagues will be emphasized as often there is limited direct interaction, resulting in overlooked understanding about each other's roles, capabilities and limitations. Finally, the system-wide goal is to satisfy the need to improve outcomes within the financial parsimony imposed in the current and challenging healthcare environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand new and current developments in imaging modalities.
  • Understand imaging controversies that impact patient diagnosis and outcomes.
  • Understand when to use appropriate imaging modalities to improve diagnosis.
  • Correlate imaging findings with outcomes.
  • Integrate multidisciplinary specialists into treatment algorithms.
  • Learn the capabilities and limitations of imaging studies.
  • Improve patient management.
  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility when ordering imaging tests.