The primary goal of physiatry is to optimize function. In virtually all of our clinical populations, skeletal muscle is the "engine" for improving function. As such, methods for maximizing skeletal muscle function are of significant interest to physiatrists. In this session, we will present the state of the science regarding currently available muscle anabolics including nutritional and pharmacological therapies. In addition, a perspective on the pharmaceutical industries interest in muscle anabolics will be provided, as well as a review of current myoanabolics in development.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the minimally required protein intake required to stimulate muscle anabolism, the acute and chronic effects of protein intake on functional outcomes, and the importance of adequate protein intake to enhance recovery from injury.
  • Discuss over-the-counter nutritional supplements that have been shown to increase muscle mass in healthy and clinical populations.
  • Understand the clinical indications and contra-indications (absolute and relative) for usage of testosterone, as well as practical considerations for the administration of testosterone as part of a clinical PM&R practice.