Spasticity is a common medical condition treated by Physiatrists of all subspecialties. It is not uncommon for Pediatric PM&R, spinal cord injury, brain injury, and Pain Medicine specialists to be responsible for the treatment of spasticity. Our session proposal aim is to elucidate various practice paradigms for the management and treatment of spasticity within different patient populations and in different practice settings. Our session will be case-driven and we intend to focus on interactivity by utilizing the Audience Response System. Speaker Topics Includes: Dr. Gutierrez: Overview of spasticity; Will discuss pearls for treating patients with spasticity due to acquired brain injury including therapeutic and interventional management. Dr. Nagpal: Discuss pearls for analgesia during spasticity procedures and treatment goals related to pain with treatment of upper motor neuron disorders. Dr. Carlock: Will discuss pathophysiology of difference of spasticity of spinal origin. Also will discuss pearls and evidenced-based medicine on treatment of SCI-related spasticity. Dr. Green: Use of botulinum toxins in pediatric populations; FDA approved uses and off label uses including novel uses. Dr. Ivanhoe: Will discuss treating patients with movement disorders and cervical dystonia.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the pathophysiology of spasticity in different diagnosis/neurologic injuries.
  • Delineate aggressive strategies for management of spasticity in different patient population.
  • Appreciate the available evidence-based medicine on spasticity in different patient population.