Concussion/mTBI continues to appear extensively in both the popular media and medical literature. As the evidence mounts regarding the risks of concussion/TBI on brain health and the impact that it has on daily function, there is mounting pressure to devise improvements in detection, access, and treatment. There is a growing opportunity to deploy technology to assist in each of these arenas.This session will include a panel of lectures showcasing a diverse array of technologies and their applications within the field of concussion management. Proposed speakers include: 1) David M Popoli, MD (Wake Forest Baptist Health, former Medical Director of Telemedicine at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta) to discuss applications of telemedicine technology to improve surveillance and physician access. 2) Jillian E. Urban, PhD (Wake Forest Baptist Health) to demonstrate the ways in which combining sensor array technology with a novel 'brain atlas' can improve detection of concussive and subconcussive impacts. 3) Kim Speake, RN (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta) to discuss the use of EMR 'dashboard' technology to improve medical triage and clinical routing. 4) Thomas Burns, PhysD (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta) to discuss the dissemination and usage of a digital 'ToolKit' to improve PCP knowledge of, and comfort in, managing concussion. 5) Chuck Tegeler, MD and Sung Lee, MD to discuss the use of brainwave modulation technology to treat post-concussive symptoms.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the application of telemedicine and sensor technology to improve detection of concussion and improve patient access to care.
  • Understand how novel use of the EMR can be combined with branched-chain logic to result in improved triage for concussion patients.
  • Implement technological solutions to improve community-based care for concussion patients.