Technology is currently changing many parts of medicine. It is estimated that 87% of adults in the U.S. use the internet and 72% of them seek health information online. Technology is a potent means to connect patients with their specialists, monitor health data, and encourage/track treatment. Our course presentation will discuss the use of technology in the field of PM&R as such: Dr. Gutierrez: Introduce technology in medicine. Discuss how healthcare changes are embracing technology and social media and how this can lead to awareness, advocacy and enhancing your brand. Speaker will also discuss online reputation. Discuss how physicians are using social media for collaboration and camaraderie.Dr. Jhaveri: Will discuss Telemedicine in Rehabilitation Medicine and how that connects clinics and patients with quality rehabilitation services. Dr. Shapiro: Will discuss how we use technology to enhance physician lifestyle and help us obtain CME, educational resources and improve coding/billing. Dr. McNeary: Will discuss how technology can lead to improved functional independence and community reintegration for our patients. Introduce apps that will provide good resources for our patients to take better care of themselves. Dr. Diaz: Discuss leveraging technology for improved population outcomes founded on EBM in the setting of big data. Discuss potential areas for study in PM&R, methods of database design and ontology, & ethical principles.

Learning Objectives

  • Take a proactive approach to EHR system implementation so that the specific needs of the PM&R department are met‚
  • Better market physiatry to a broader audiences using social media.
  • Increase access to physician care among those with mobility impairments using the latest in telemedicine.