This session is designed to expose attendees to the world of telerehabilitation, and how it can be employed to enhance their practices and quality of care. The use of telemedicine has progressively gained a stronghold across all aspects of healthcare, including PM&R. With this growth has come more robust research supporting its efficacy, ease of application, and cost effectiveness. As a consequence of this, state, federal, and payer barriers historically affecting its application have begun to come down. This session is designed to introduce the attendee to those historical restrictions, newer laws affecting its use, the research supporting its use, and practical information regarding how one can build a program within their practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the latest advances in telemedicine technology.
  • Discuss the research supporting the cost savings and patient benefits afforded by telemedicine.
  • Discuss present state and federal laws and restrictions pertaining to the use of telemedicine.