This session aims to answer the question, “Can we, as women and physicians, have it all?" The composition of young physicians entering practice today looks very different than previous times with more women graduating from medical school and entering the physician work force. Our session program aim is to elucidate how it is possible for the working woman to have it all and what it takes at different points in our careers to get there. Furthermore, our session will also focus on interactivity by utilizing the Audience Response System and a group break out session. Speaker Topics: Dr. Chan: Introduction to married/committed female physicians in medicine and how these relationships affect their family, health, and career. Discuss healthcare changes and how the future of medicine will be directed by millennials. Dr. Gutierrez: Overview of the mommy gap and how it affects career and compensation. Discuss how to be ready for healthcare changes. Finally discuss stress-management, self-care and avoiding burnout. Dr. Ifejika: Discuss lack of diversity in academics and administration, especially in higher rankings. Discuss unconscious bias. Address mentorship, getting grants, and moving up the ranks. Dr. Ivanhoe: As a physician, mother of two, professor and owner of a private practice, she will discuss changing expectations, circumstances and behaviors over our career. Dr. Bell: She will discuss faculty leadership and how to find mentors and sponsors and move up in Academia.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how the “mommy/woman gap" is affecting career, promotions, and compensation.
  • Employ strategies to find and nourish mentorship opportunities.
  • Discuss how to be instrumental leaders with upcoming healthcare changes and develop skills to be an inclusive leader.