Accessibility limitations can be a major barrier to successful community integration for individuals with mobility impairments. In recent years, web/apps have been developed to address this issue. These technologies range in service from showing the accessibility of local businesses (including ADA compliance with hallways, entryways & bathrooms) to navigating to open disabled parking. Few physiatrists are aware of these innovative resources. We hope to give an interactive lecture to increase awareness of these services, including an overview of current services, how/why they were developed and a tutorial on how physiatrists can use them. We will conclude with details on how physiatrists can take a more active role in improving community accessibility. The moderator is a physiatrist & creator of, a free web/app service for disabled parking. The session will spotlight guest speaker Jason DaSilva--an emmy-winning actor & director ('When I Walk') who created the ground-breaking, crowd-sourced web-app based on his own experiences in a wheelchair. He has received multiple awards, been featured nationally in print & on television, and has served as the spokesperson for national societies. He is an inspired speaker & defines 'bold'.

Learning Objectives

  • Increase physiatrists' awareness of innovative services that can improve community access for individuals with disabilities.
  • Download and test various smartphone apps that focus on community accessibility.
  • Educate physicians on how they & their patients can use these services.