We have followed patients and collected information about the challenges of transitioning young people move from high school into the community and higher education. Adjusting to the adult healthcare environment is an additional challenge in itself. Individuals with complex healthcare needs become subjected to the fragmented services in the adult healthcare system. Adult providers often lack the expertise specific to chronic conditions of childhood, and rarely does a practice include multidisciplinary teams that have been central to the care of people with childhood onset conditions. Successful clinical transition is critical for the health and well-being of this vulnerable population. Over time, we have followed several young adults is they have entered community life beyond high school and away from home. This includes attending college as well as working in the community. Through videotaped sessions, they have come together to share their experiences and make suggestions to healthcare providers about ways they feel the process can be improved. This information is part of a greater research study that will assess ongoing issues around quality of life over time.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the challenges that arise as adolescents and young adults move away from familiar health care providers and the family centered care environment they have known since infancy.
  • Explore necessary preparations to facilitate this transition.
  • Discuss case studies and the challenges the individuals have had to overcome to maximize success.