This lecture is designed to educate physiatrists about developing a new clinical cancer rehabilitation service and/or program within any setting, both academic and community. My experience of developing a Cancer Rehabilitation service within an academic setting with no guidebook is highlighted to help delineate the steps taken that have proven successful. These steps can translate to any physiatrist, as there are many who develop specialty interests within our broad field of PMR, and Cancer Rehabilitation is only one example. It is important for us to know how to highlight our unique expertise in our individual healthcare arenas for the ultimate benefit of patients. Discussion will include navigating your own healthcare system, building a team to assist you in your efforts, and ultimately providing important specialty care to patients in need. This lecture will help new and seasoned physiatrists by providing them with steps on enhancing their own physiatry niche. In addition, a literature review of research focused on the topic of developing a new physician practice is presented.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss steps required to develop a new clinical service, such as cancer rehabilitation, within their local healthcare arena.
  • Discuss the research regarding developing a new physician clinical program.
  • Translate how the information provided can help any physiatrist grow a new clinical rehabilitation service.