Three cases will be presented which focus on the value of electrodiagnosis in clinical and surgical decision making. Each of these cases will highlight the importance of obtaining a history and physical exam prior to doing the electrodiagnostic study. Some of the pitfills of interpreting electrodiagnostic data will be discussed in the context of the cases. The faculty are all experienced electromyographers, who perform studies as an integral part of their PM&R practices.There will be ample time for questions following each case to allow the participants to obtain a better understanding of the value added by including electrodiagnosis in their practices.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of obtaining a history and physical examination when designing an electrodiagnostic study.
  • Identify key components of an electrodiagnostic study for an individual problem, and review the data with emphasis on a relevant interpretation.
  • Identify pitfalls which may lead to overinterpretation of an electrodiagnostic study.