Our presentation team is comprised of physicians who have passed through the EBM Course presented at the SIS Annual Scientific Meeting and who firmly believe that Physiatrists are potentially being duped by faulty conclusions within published studies. This session will include 90 minutes of lectures by each faculty member on specific topics that are common pitfalls in statistics: comparing means rather than using categorical data, intention to treat, loss to follow up, appropriate duration of studies, and concerns with heterogeneity. We will also discuss sensitivity, specificity, validity, and reliability in a unique manner which is likely to be novel to session participants. The sessions will include Audience Response System so as to engage the participants.

Learning Objectives

  • Delineate which statistical methods are appropriate for a particular clinical study/trial.
  • Describe the basis for which categorical data is superior to continuous data in clinical pain trias.
  • Explain the importance of heterogeneity, intention to treat, and loss to follow up in clinical trials and how to extrapolate this data from a given manuscript.