Our presentation team is comprised of physicians who have passed through the EBM Course presented at the SIS Annual Scientific Meeting and who firmly believe that Physiatrists are potentially being duped by faulty conclusions within published studies. This session will include small group sessions with 1 faculty per table who will discuss pre-designated published manuscripts which contain individual common pitfalls in statistics: comparing means rather than using categorical data, intention to treat, loss to follow up, poor reliability/validity, appropriate duration of studies, and concerns with heterogeneity. The round table, small group style presentation will allow participants to ask personalized questions to each faculty at each of the 'stations.

    Learning Objectives
    • Develop an algorithm for identifying statistical irregularities in published manuscripts, including identifying errors in design, intention to treat, duration of treatment, and heterogeneity.
    • Critically review several published manuscripts in the field of pain management.
    • Perform basic statistical analyses to verify the results in a manuscript.