Currently, more than half of the states in our country (28), as well as the District of Columbia have established or passed therapeutic cannabis/medical marijuana programs. Many of the diagnoses that qualify patients for these programs are treated by physiatrists. There continues to be much debate concerning cannabis research, risks, outcomes, safety and politics. AAPM&R members at this time are currently involved at different points in the therapeutic cannabis continuum, including direct patient care and certification, serving on state-approved legislative advisory councils, and being part of the medical team for therapeutic cannabis dispensaries. This course will serve to educate the Annual Assembly attendees and membership on the most accurate and up to date therapeutic cannabis regulatory factors on both the state and federal level, patient risk/benefit strategies, and medical-legal issues that exist for clinicians and patients. This will be an innovative and timely course that will allow our members to better understand the practical issues concerning therapeutic cannabis use, and become voices of medical reason in the healthcare arena.

    Learning Objectives
    • Increase attendee understanding of state and federal regulatory issues concerning therapeutic cannabis programs.
    • Improve learner awareness of treatment decision-making decisions and patient outcomes in a state approved therapeutic cannabis dispensary.
    • Enhance clinician knowledge of medical-legal factors impacting therapeutic cannabis use and certification.