Physiatrists often encounter painful ankle conditions in clinical practice, which may be attributed to a variety of pain generators of musculoskeletal or neurological origin. Clinical evaluation is the basis for establishing an accurate diagnosis, and the complexity of the ankle region often poses challenges in identifying pathology. Ultrasonography may aid in the evaluation of ankle pain and can also be used to guide interventions for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Accurate diagnosis utilizing ultrasound requires knowledge of normal and pathologic sonographic anatomy. Performance of ultrasound-guided injections additionally requires a distinct skill set that facilitates safe and accurate placement of a needle into a target region. This hands-on workshop will review common ankle disorders encountered in physiatric practice, diagnostic ultrasound of the ankle, and discussion of the most common ultrasound-guided injections in the ankle region. The workshop will include hands-on instruction of diagnostic ultrasound of the ankle and injection practice utilizing a gel model.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will acquire knowledge of the clinical presentation of common ankle disorders.
  • Participants will identify ankle anatomy by palpation and with ultrasound.
  • Participants will describe common ultrasound-guided procedures for the treatment of ankle disorders.

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