This workshop will train physiatrists to perform a variety of musculoskeletal injections in the lower limb (e.g. the hip, knee, and ankle regions, including intra-articular injections, bursal injections, tendon sheath injections, etc.) After an initial overview lecture on injection safety and administrative aspects of office based injection procedures to include administrative billing and coding review, participants will participate in three separate stations with each covering a different body region (hip, knee and foot/ ankle). Faculty will use musculoskeletal ultrasound to demonstrate important anatomic landmarks that must be recognized for ultrasound-guided musculoskeletal injections in these regions. Basic injections will be covered, as well as procedural challenges and tips to overcome these.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will understand the potential risks and benefits of lower limb injections using ultrasound guidance.
  • Participants will see demonstrations of ultrasound guidance used for assessing landmarks used some common lower limb injections using ultrasound.
  • Participants will understand the proper documentation, coding and billing for common lower limb injections.

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