With recent advances in both sonographic capability and access for pain practitioners, many peripheral-nerve blocks have become quite amenable to being placed with ultrasound guidance. This workshop will focus on the new approaches to nerve blocks made possible by the use of ultrasound. The session is divided into four different bodily regions, and they are head and neck, trunk, upper extremity and lower extremity. Nerves targeted include greater occipital nerve, superficial cervical plexus, stellate ganglion block, cervical medial branch nerve, ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerves, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, and genicular nerves of the knee. During the discussion, anatomic considerations, ultrasound images, block techniques and pitfalls, and possible complications will be extensively covered.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn different neuralgias and neuropathic syndromes that present in various body parts.
  • Attain the detailed knowledge of anatomy and sonoanatomy for relevant nerve blocks.
  • Outline the pearls and pitfalls of US guided injection for different nerve blocks and obtain techniques to prevent and treat complications.

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