The underlying etiology of most chronic wounds falls under four broad categories namely diabetes, venous/lymphatic insufficiency, arterial insufficiency and pressure injury. The first and most crucial steps in successful chronic wound healing are to correct or control the underlying etiology. Common techniques are offloading, compression, restoring vascular flow, identifying infection, debridement, maintaining a warm moist environment and reducing pressure. Most wounds will fail to heal despite using the most technologically advanced wound care products and procedures unless the contributing factors are addressed. On the other hand, once the contributing factors are controlled, most wounds will heal with very basic local wound care. This skills lab will help physicians learn evidence based local wound care that is simple, cost effective and enhances healing in all chronic wounds without doing any harm.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the chronic wound category and characteristics using evidence based guidelines.
  • Describe simple and effective methods for wound cleaning and debridement.
  • Describe choice of dressings and method of application based on wound characteristics.

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