Sports Medicine is becoming an increasingly popular field within medicine and specifically within physiatry. A large component of this specialty is game coverage. Injuries that are commonly sustained during games and practices include concussions, joint dislocations, and ligament sprains and tears. There are also more acutely serious injuries such as spine injuries and heat illness. While physiatrists receive training in musculoskeletal and neurological injury assessment, many are uncomfortable with sideline coverage. Factors that may contribute to this include training involving mostly the post-acute presentation, unfamiliarity with sports equipment, and inadequate exposure to an outside-the-office or hospital setting.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the role and responsibilities of a sideline physician, and how to prepare for sideline coverage.
  • Illustrate the initial and subsequent assessment and management of a gear-equipped athlete.
  • Learn how to recognize an emergent situation and how to respond.

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