Established in 2008 to preserve the legacy and namesake of the Physiatric Association of Spine, Sports and Occupational Rehabilitation (PASSOR), this award is meant to recognize an individual in mid career that has advanced musculoskeletal physiatry through clinical care, education, service or scholarship (research).

The 2017 PASSOR Legacy Lecture Award Winner Heidi Prather, DO will present "Making Progress in Building the Three Legged Stool: Where OUR Field is Going."

This lecture will focus on the history and advancements of the “three legs” required to advance the field of PM&R: clinical excellence, education, research. The speaker will attempt to provide a personal history that describes the barriers and pitfalls of developing a musculoskeletal clinical practice, educational programs and attempts at research. The intent will be to highlight the importance of each of these “legs of the three-legged stool” are to field of PM&R as a whole. Dr. Prather will review components of her research data tying hip, spine and gender issues together and lessons learned. Finally, early findings of data regarding risk modification and wellness for patients with musculoskeletal disorders will be discussed with a call for potential new roles for physiatrists in the ever evolving healthcare environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop ideas for clinical, education, or research development in their own practice or program.
  • Discuss recent findings of Hip-spine research and its application to clinical practice.
  • Discuss options for clinical program development and optimization of patient health