This live theater session will be an interactive audience participation seminar during which we will be discussing the intricacies of the athlete classification process for Paralympic sports. There will be at least 3 faculty on staff for the discussion, two of whom are physiatrists and the other is a former head classifier of CP Soccer and present head coach of the USA Paralympic Men's National Soccer Team. We will be discussing the classification process, going through specific cases, and will walk through the classification of Paralympic athletes using video analysis of each component of the classification process, from physical exam to specific technical skill assessment (based on sport) to in-competition assessment. We will be using an interactive audience participation system to get regular and frequent input from attendees regarding their personal assessments of the athlete during each component of the process. This will provide the audience with immediate real time feedback regarding their individual and collective accuracy in performing Paralympic athlete classification.

Learning Objectives

  • Improve their ability to classify Paralympic athletes.
  • Outline the various components of Paralympic athlete classification and how the system has changed over the years.
  • Understand the nuances and difficulties of Paralympic athlete classification.

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