This pre-conference course seeks to explore the specific challenges and strengths presented to physiatrists in the changing world of health care. How does the physiatrist thrive in the world of accountable care organizations and health system mergers? What are the specific skills needed to propel the physiatrist into key leadership roles? What do we as physiatrists bring to the table? In this course, we will define physician leadership, integrate the skills needed to be successful in the business of the new health care, and construct personal environmental scans and development plans for each attendee.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role of the physician leader in the health care world of mergers, narrow networks and accountable care organizations.
  • Integrate physiatric skills and challenges into the needs of changing health care systems.
  • Develop new skills in team/system negotiations and conflict management.
  • Construct a personal environmental scan and development plan.