In the 1965 Handbook of PMR, Frank Krusen MD recommended stasis ulcers be treated with whirlpool, mercurochrome and ultraviolet radiation. Standard dressing was “a sterile Telfa dressing, several layers of sterile gauze and a 1 inch foam rubber pad" and ACE wrap. The care of chronic, non-healing wounds has advance greatly since that time. This session will review how wound care has transformed and advanced. Clinicians will be presented with up to date and upcoming technologies in wound assessment and treatment, pharmacological interventions and advanced dressings,including bioengineered grafting materials.

Learning Objectives

  • Review current knowledge on wound healing differentiating the acute from chronic state.
  • Discuss past recommended treatments and myths about chronic wound care which are often still used, but not supported by up-to-date scientific evidence.
  • Identify the more commonly used techniques to address the chronic wound and positively impact healing.