This session will present changes in a variety of PM&R practices throughout the country that have provided medications/opioid management to patients in the past. The faculty presenters will represent a cross section of PM&R practices including large urban areas vs rural areas, large academic practices vs single/small number providers, and all regions of the country. The discussion will focus on how medication or opioid prescribing practices have had to change or not change in these settings, whether there has been a shift in coverage or emphasis in the region for non-opioid or non-pharmacologic treatment, and whether the changes have changed the patients that are currently receiving medications in a practice vs the patients being referred to practices for new management.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize and discuss the current restrictions to opioid management for their area of the country.
  • Describe how the requirements from the CDC guidelines have lead to implementation of changes in various physician office policies and procedures to demonstrate compliance.
  • Interpret how changes in one part of the country may impact your practice for the future.