It does not matter if you are leading in battle, in business, or in healthcare. A leader's Courage will be tested. Does the leader step up and challenge the status quo even if there is risk involved? Does the leader speak up when others are silent? A leader's choices in the moment of testing will determine whether that leader is a Leader of Character or not. Habits are formed through our day-to-day choices. Courage is a habit that can be developed and is essential in today's leaders. This session is designed to challenge your comfort level and inspire you to choose to have the Courage to Lead your organizations to change and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the healthcare marketplace. Dave Anderson's plenary will shed light on new leadership strategies for thriving through transformation!

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the key role that a leader's demonstrated behaviors play in creating followers.
  • Defining the key Habits of Character a leader must develop in themselves and in the teams they lead.
  • Understanding how the exercise of Courage as a leader is perhaps the most vital Habit of Character a leader must develop in himself/herself and the people around them.